ECA Analytical Quality Control Working Group - Final OOS SOP

15 February 2012

ECA's Analytical Quality Control Working Group defined the generation of a harmonised SOP on managing analytical deviations within the laboratory including OOS, OOE, and OOT results as its first project.

In a first step in this project a SOP flow chart had to be developed and reviewed by an OOS Review Team consisting of more than 100 ECA members. The second step comprised the development of a Draft OOS SOP. For this draft we also received about 25 responses from the Review Team members, containing a lot of detailed suggestions and comments for the final OOS SOP.

To launch the new OOS SOP the stakeholders involved developed the OOS Forum on 19-20 June 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

One of the key objectives of the OOS Forum is to present ECA's OOS SOP to a broader public and also to discuss further alternative approaches of OOS handling. We would like to thank Dr Christopher Burgess and Dr Bernd Renger for their support in developing this OOS SOP and Dr Matthias Heuermann and Dr Ulrich Rose for the review of the OOS SOP. We further would like to thank the OOS Review Team for their great support in the development of this SOP.

Please find the details of the Launch Conference at

Dr G√ľnter Brendelberger
Administration Manager of the Analytical Quality Control Working Group of the ECA Foundation


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