The ECA Foundation is Europe´s leading Association in the field of pharmaceutical Quality Regulation, especially in the field of GMP and GDP compliance.

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The ECA Foundation's various Interest and Working Groups contiuously work on developing guidance documents, Good Practice Guides and white papers, supporting the information exchange between all stakeholders in both industry and regulatory authorities. Find out more in the Guides & Documents section.

The Team

The ECA Foundation's modern structure allows to develop and include the activities of the various Interest and Working Groups and to have more flexibility to build new groups that support the needs of our ECA Academy’s members. All members of the three boards work on a voluntary basis. For more details please see our Team section.


On a regular basis the Interest and Working Groups report about their activities and their accomplishments. Thus, to learn more about what they have been working on and for other latest developments in the ECA Foundation, you may want to check the news section.

What's new?

New Document: Questions and Answers on Annex 1

With the questions and answers we want to provide support for the implementation of Annex 1. The answers to the questions we received during past events are based on the opinions and experiences of the members of the Annex 1 Task Force, the CCS Task Force as well as on the answers of the speakers at the events. Get the details in the News section.

ECA Foundation establishes new European GMP Auditor Association

The ECA Foundation has established the European GMP Auditor Association. The aim of this new association is to represent the interests of GMP auditors in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. It also aims to offer GMP auditors a forum that provides standards and assistance in conducting GMP audits. Find out more.

Further Extension to ECA Foundation Executive Advisory Board

The ECA Foundation is headed by an Executive Team and supported by an Extended Board, which comprises the various ECA Interest and Working Groups' Chairpersons. Now the ECA Foundation announced that the organisation's Executive Advisory Board will be extended by Dr Andreas König who has accepted the Board's invitation to join the ECA's Executive Team with immediate effect.

ECA Group Update September through December 2023

In the new report of the ECA Foundation's Interest and Working Groups you can read what they were working on and accomplished between September and December 2023.

European QP Association issues QP Forum 2024 Programme

Challenging Times for QPs

Times remain challenging for QPs. New and upcoming developments and increasing risks demand full attention and awareness from QPs. This requires continuous learning by exchange with regulators and colleagues to facilitate calibration with peers and adjustments to established concepts to prepare for the presence and future. To find out more, please see the QP Forum website.


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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with your concerns.

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