The ECA Foundation is Europe´s leading Association in the field of pharmaceutical Quality Regulation, especially in the field of GMP and GDP compliance.

We invite you to scroll through the menu to find out more about the extensive services the ECA Foundation provides to all stakeholders in pharmaceutical industry. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, contact us - we are more than happy to be in touch with you!


The ECA Foundation's various Interest and Working Groups contiuously work on developing guidance documents, Good Practice Guides and white papers, supporting the information exchange between all stakeholders in both industry and regulatory authorities. Find out more in the Guides & Documents section.


On a regular basis the Interest and Working Groups report about their activities and their accomplishments. Thus, to learn more about what they have been working on and for other latest developments in the ECA Foundation, you may want to check the news section.

The Team

The ECA Foundation's modern structure allows to develop and include the activities of the various Interest and Working Groups and to have more flexibility to build new groups that support the needs of our ECA Academy’s members. All members of the three boards work on a voluntary basis. For more details please see our Team section.

What's new?

ECA Group inform about their Activities & Accomplishments between May and August 2022

The ECA’s Interest and Working Groups inform regularly about their current activities and accomplishments. In the following you’ll find their report for the months from May to August 2022.

ECA's Analytical Quality Control Group provides feedback to EMA public consultation on ICH Q2 and Q14

The ECA Foundation together with its European QP Association provided feedback to the EMA's public consultation on the ICH Q2(R2) and Q14 guidelines, which was prepared by the Foundation's Analytical Quality Control Group on their behalf.

Expert Task Force updates CCS Guideline

The first version of the ECA Foundation's Expert Task Force on Contamination Control Strategy received tremendous attention - and feedback. This feedback the group now implemented in an update. Find out more.

ECA Groups report about their Activities in first Third 2022

What were the ECA Foundation's Interest and Working Groups working on in the first four months of 2022? Please see their report to find out more.

European QP Association issues QP Forum 2022 Programme

What are the real QP Responsibilities?

As a QP, you have many interfaces with other functions in the company. Responsibilities can be shared or are located elsewhere. Unfortunately, too many activities and responsibilities are often taken over by QPs. In the 2022 QP Forum on 01/02 December we would like to work out exactly these tasks. Please visit the QP Forum website to find out more.


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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with your concerns.

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