Mission & Tools

The ECA was established in January 1999 as an independent not-for-profit organisation. From the start its mission was “to provide support to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators to promote the move towards a harmonised set of GMP and GDP guidelines by providing information and interpretation of new or updated guidances”. This mission also remains the same with the organisation’s transfer to a Foundation in the beginning of 2010.


The Foundation’s educational organisation, the ECA Academy, continuously organises a wealth of international education courses, conferences (also as part of a GMP Certification Programme) and webinars around GMP and GDP compliance, picking up emerging challenges and currently discussed subjects. While the courses and webinars are designed to provide continuous education for GMP/GDP professionals in production, quality control, quality assurance etc, the European conferences are organised as discussion forums on new trends and developments.

GMP and GDP Newsletter

Another free service is a regular GMP and GDP Newsletter, supplying information on current trends. More than 26.000 professional already signed up for this information tool, and numbers are steadily increasing.

Guides and Documents

The ECA Interest Groups aim at supporting pharmaceutical industry and authorities by interpreting current GMP requirements. For that purpose they develop and release guidelines and SOPs which are available to ECA Members at not costs. Most Guides are available for download after registration (at no costs) for an ECA Interest Group or Association. Some Guides are only available for full ECA Members. Find out more in the Guides & Documents section.

GMP Compliance Website

Today, the ECA’s website is the worldwide platform for research on and interpretation of the regulations regarding pharmaceutical quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Interest & Working Groups

In addition to the ECA Academy, the Foundation also maintains various active interest and working groups – such as the European Qualified Person Association, the RMM Group, QC Group and others.